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Wayne R. Walker is the Principal of Walker Nell Partners, Inc. ("WNP"), a business consulting firm. Consistent with his experience of twenty years, Mr. Walker focuses on interim operational assignments, liquidations, trustee services, examiner and receiver roles, claims reconciliation, environmental trustee roles, plan administration and wind-downs.

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The 6th distribution to general unsecured claimholders and bondholders was completed in November 2009. Currently the majority of Trust activity is focused on completing required environmental remediation at former locations. In addition, the Trustee maintains oversight for general Trust administration requirements including annual tax filings, quarterly UST reporting, investigation of potential additional assets and maintenance of books and records. Restitutions and unclaimed funds also continue to be collected by third parties on behalf of the Trust.

The Trustee's intent remains to wind-down the Trust as expeditiously as possible. Please contact the Dairy Mart Liquidating Trust with any questions at or 215-569-1660.


11/20/09 Sixth distribution to allowed claimants

02/05/08 Fifth distribution to allowed claimants

09/30/05 Fourth distribution to allowed claimants

09/30/04 Third distribution to allowed claimants

06/30/04 - Second distribution to allowed claimants

03/31/04 - Initial Distribution Date. Commencement of payments to allowed claimants

03/14/03 - Notice of Confirmation and Effectiveness of First Amended Joint Plan of Liquidation of Dairy Mart and Certain Bar Dates

03/05/03 - Post-Confirmation Order and Notice

01/14/03 - First Amended Disclosure Statement Filed

11/26/02 - Notice of Filing of Disclosure Statement and Motion for Hearing Filed

02/22/02 - Bar Date for Filing Proofs of Claim

09/24/01 - Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition Filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York


Please Note: The bar date for all claims has passed and the Trust will not accept any claims unless ordered by the Bankruptcy Court.